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420 Pokerz have been handmade in the USA since 1996 and are the strongest smoking utensils around!  Designed for 420 friendly enthusiasts who like to keep their hands and marijuana smoking utensils clean. 

Whether you smoke marijuana medicinally or recreationally, 420 Pokerz are the best smoking utensils around compared to paper clips and those short/weak silver hooks that paraphernalia shops may or may not have.

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Please contact us directly for event donations and sponsorships.


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Please send information requests to this email. (Link Dead intentionally.)

Superior Pokers

In addition to our custom, ergonomic style handle, all of our 420 Pokerz are hand-dipped and twice as long as standard pokers.  

420 Pokerz are the best bong & pipe pokers ever! There is no reason to get resin on your fingers anymore!

Authorized Reseller

If you have a smoke shop and would like to resell our products, please contact us for bulk-order-pricing.


State of the Art

Our shop uses the most modern equipment available, our utensil makers regularly attend continuing education courses, and we take great pride in our trade.